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Forthcoming visits


Michael Browne, 27-29 August 2014
University of Westminster, UK
Host: FEK, Ove Krafft

Carolyn Fischer, 15-23 October 2014
Resources for the Future, USA
Host: NEK, Thomas Sterner

Lesley Head, 17 October-15 November 2014
University of Wollongong, Australia
Host: KEG, Marie Stenseke

VPP I will be succeeded by VPP II

VPP I (2009-2013) will be succeeded by VPP II (2014-2018). A new nominations process will begin in spring 2014 with new professors appointed in Autumn 2014. A number of existing professors will complete their existing contracts during the spring of 2014. Additionally, bridging funding will enable four of the VPs, who began their work with us in 2012 to complete their three year engagements by 31st December 2014. Further details to follow when the University has formally reconfirmed these appointments.

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